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I am looking for a good magazine for chefs( in English) which should have lots of recipes,good food pictures,trendy ideas from all over the world and interesting articles about all kinds of kitchen and cooking related subjects as well as a touch of humor!
Can anyone recommend something to me?
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Hi there, so far I have found: Sante, Culinary Trends, and Pastry Art and Design. There is also Chef2Chef website where you may be able to find some information regarding literature. It really depends on what you are looking for. Bon Appetit does have some pretty cool stuff too.
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There are some magazines that are geared to a broader audience, not just chefs, that might be what you're looking for. One you could check out on the web is Saveur. It's very high-end and luxe. I'm sure you can get an overseas subscription to the actual magazine.

I also subscribe to Vogue Entertaining + Travel to get an idea of what's happening in Australia.

You might also post this question on "The Inside Scoop" or "The Book Shelf" further down here. Since this site has participants all over the world, you'll probably get good recommendations.
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Welcome to Chef Talk, Betz. You might try posting this request in one of the Chefs' forums to get even more response. We hope you enjoy browsing and posting!
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Welcome aboard...

There is an old thread in the Books forum that discussed several magazines... might be worth a gander.

My perenial favorite is always Food Arts... it is 'artsy' as well as useful.


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My favorites are:

Saveur: Great for pretty in depth discussions of different cuisines

Food Arts: an industry mag. Great to let you know what all the most popular chefs and restaurants are doing. My personal fave!!!

Art Culinare: A very high-end mag (more of a book) that comes out 4 times a year. Very artistic, but some great articles also

Bon Apettit: Has recently become my favorite of the mainstream mags beating out Gourmet and Food & Wine as my personal favorite of this type of food mag.
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One of my favorite semi-professional mags is Cook's Illustrated. They take maybe 3 dishes per issue and rev it up; take it apart, talk about the pros and con of various ingredients. Such as applie pie. discuss the crust, lard versus margarine versus butter. What kind of apples, macs/granny smilth/golden/fuji/etc. What kind of seasonings. Discuss bain marie, versus cookie sheet. Temperature. They always end with their "perfect" recipe.

Fascinating issue a few months ago with shortbread and creme brulee. Double page spread of "reader's tips" (that are really good). Lots more, I love this mag.

No, I don't work for them. Just LUV reading it.

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