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This is my day by day journal thread where I will talk about everything I learn and do and how I solved the issues or failed and had to restart. However, school has not yet begun but I did land my first culinary job and I will discuss that day by day with each post from the different experiences side by side post.

Today was my first day ever in a restaurant as an employee. I have to say that when the rush hits it hits but otherwise it stays quiet. I like everyone I met today, so I see a great work environment. I've read on this forum people look at how well you work with people, and I consider myself easy going and not really that hard to work with so that is a huge plus. Now here is my biggest strike I am not that hands eye coordination so that is something I am working to work one. Another strike was I kept getting chicken and two types of turkey confused so that is another strike. So I ended up having to remake two sandwiches and I forgot a few things off other orders but no one really said anything, and I thought I had put them on but I did not. Now another thing I need to work on is speed. That is the real pressure. I've never really did good on timed test so as I am lacking the hands eye coordination I have to learn that while feeling the rush. Now I must say for my first day I do not feel I has awful but I know I can do better and I plan on pushing myself to the limit. I am determine to succeed. So if I gave myself a rating I say 6.5/10 which leaves me a whole lot of room for improvement.

I like to thank everyone who help with suggesting that I get this job because I see how doing both at the same time will help. I like to thank everyone for their support and I appreciate everything, from the tips and tricks to the stories of people's experiences because it gives me somewhat of an idea of what is to come.

With all that I have said I leave a question for everyone who wishes to answer, when you were first starting your career how bad was your first day?
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The first day on every job I've ever had has caused some anxiety but it never was a bad day. I'd say that having a bad first day may indicate a need to be better prepared - either skill-wise or attitude-wise.
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Well now that I have been there a few days I'm getting less worried about messing up and in fact I'm actually catching on really quick. Now last night I was on my own and I closed up 13 minutes late which beats closing 30 minutes later as others have so I must not be too bad.

I had class twice this week and I'm not really entertained as this is just the management boring talking class and I'm much more eager to be put behind the kitchen and cook but I have to get pass these boring classes first.

I don't see myself making friends as no one else around both in school and at work are serious and I'm from a different world than they are so I'm on my own for the long haul.

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