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Hi everyone I graduated culinary school in late July and have been working in NYC ever since as a line cook, i still use my school issued Wusthof knife set and i dont really like them, i find them hard to sharpen and they do not stay sharp that long, everyone seems to have better knives than me, i am thinking about japanese knives, I hear misono is very good.

Thoughts and Suggestions

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How much are you willing to spend?

Stainless, carbon or either?

Do you need to shake hands with the knife before you buy it?  Are you willing to buy online?

Which knives do you want to buy?  Chef's?  Petty?  Slicer?

Do you need special purpose knives, as for butcherning?

How good a sharpener to consider yourself? Average? Good?  Very good?

What kind of sharpening kit are you using now?  If it turns out to not be a great choice for a Japanese knives, how much expense and trouble are you willing to go to in order to sharpen better?

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I dont have a problem spending a few hundred for a good knife, I would purchase online, I dont have anything to compare to but my wusthofs so I dont know my specific preferences or anything like that Im just going by what i hear when i talk to people, Misono keeps coming up.  I have to mince alot of ginger everyday, I find that my wusthof never completly cuts through the ginger, also almost all my recipes include fine minced green chiles again i find that the knife never goes through the chiles either.  I sharpen my knives on a 1000/6000 grit japanese waterstone, im not the best but im not the worst, I have been cooking for years, but have worked in a professional kitchen for a few months so this is still a learning process for me.  My boss stayed with me and sharpened my knives showing me how to do it properly, it took a while and the knives were dull not long after, I understand knives need to be sharpened often but everyone in the kitchen has japanese knives so there must be something good about them.
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