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I am currently looking for a new job. Any help on finding exec chef jobs? I've done the usual stuff, contacted everyone I know in the industry, gone to the ACF site, gone to What else can I do? I've got less than a month and I need to be in a new position. Gotta feed the kids and pay the mortgage!
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if you gotta feed the family (which of course comes first) do whatever you have to. good intermediate job is generally working with the city/state. many a time i turned down working at the local juvenille hall for $15 an hour to go slave at the local brew pub where all the chicks were for peanuts and beer--ok so im shallow (or was), but i didn't exactly need the money to support a family.

Govt. jobs pay well and you can pretty much skate through work (heck, look at Bush). it will buy time for you to get that Exec. Chef job. another time buyer that comes to mind is catering, pays well, and they always have the lowdown on every company in town--which means you will be getting paid by them until they find you a job (and the best part is they know you will only be temporary, but caterers generally are very gifted in using peoples talents to the fullest without exploiting them and knowing full well that you'll be moving on, and perhaps joining them again in a couple months.

did this help? sheesh........drunk again.....sorry



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Sucks. Get your suppliers on the horn man. The sales guys know a lot.
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The vendors were my first hits. I've got a line on a good exec job, but I need to have a couple backups. I hadn't thought about the gov't thing, I might give that a try. Who knows, maybe I can "manage" a McDs for a while to make a buck. After 18+ years in the biz changing jobs is a norm, but it's usually on my timing, not the property's. They are "restructuring" and no longer need my services.
Thanks and any more ideas would be appreciated.
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I thought I would try to post here... Please don't throw me out, I am not a professional chef.

Actually, I am a computer technician (unemployed). I have been considering my career options and I thought about professional cooking. I have always loved to cook personally, and my whole family loves my recipies.

I have had no formal education in cuisine (other than watching cooking shows on PBS).

If you would be so kind, please post some advise or list some required training/experience if I was to change to professional cooking. What is the general process? Is there an internship required? Do I have to go to France to learn to be a chef? Etc...

Thank you

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Hey Camp...

Lord knows how many times I have walked that road...even lately...

A company moved me to Tennessee to accept an Exec Position, after developing a catering menu, instituting a dinner comedy theater, sales on the increase (all within 60 days) they kindly told me they couldn't afford to pay me anymore....hmmmm boy you wanna talk about suckin...

Fortunately, I had already re-instituted my Personal Chef business here so I had a little money coming in, but not enough to cover I took off and started building houses while waiting for a job to pop up...sometimes ya gotta take a bite in order to achieve the next least bills were paid and no one was hungry...

I would check out some of the temp agencies while you are persuing your job, unfortunately when we are in positions like this we act hastily in accepting a position just because we really need a job...Fortunate for me I decided to build the log homes that way I was able to evaluate my offers that eventually led to what I think was the right decision...

Got off the beaten track...there are a few of the temp agencies that deal with culinary specifically, especially if you are around a larger city....

Other resources you might check are Wine and Hospitality Jobs dot com...I know the people over there and they have a pretty good setup, also HCareers is another one that does a ton of placements...

Wish I could offer you one...

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I read an article in the SF paper on how large corporations, ie; ATT, ITT, Bank of America, Chase Bank, AOL, etc. hire Chefs soley, for their cafeterias/dining rooms (not to confused with an EDR).
Does anyone have any info on this?
If so, please let me know, as I too, am looking for a change.
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