Chef jobs and the internet?


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Has anyone used the internet to find a chefs position? There is an interesting post in the job listings forum by Chef Patrick about having a bad experience after finding a chef job on the Internet. Has anyone else had some rough experiences? I have to say that I am really surprised at the number of people I know that have met someone on the Internet.

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My two most recent positions came about via the internet. I think, fundamentally, my employers are happy to see somebody with computer experience enough, anyhow, to post an application with a resume attachment.
It was an interesting process both times. I had several correspondence with my potential employers before the interview process. However, by that time, I had so much 'inside information' from my exchange of emails, that I was 100% prepared for the interview.
Also, it is extremely easy to get information on potential employers via the 'net. It is nice to go into an interview and know the district manager's name or how many units are operating. I think it shows that you have taken the time to investigate your potential employers as much as they investigate you.

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