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I'm leary of so called "Chef Inspired Restaurants" seems like the only one inspired is the chef and nobody else. Case in point, high profile Southwest flavor of Phoenix restaurant inspired by Beard nominee and winning chef who now had 5 restaurants under her name... So first notice balsamic vinegar salad, no chips/salsa however we are served bread with tapenade. Wifey ordered a pork sandwich that was anything but SW'ern...thinking it was cooked in traditional method..NOT ...I ordered the Rojos Enchiladas with cheese. When they brought out the 3 street taco size enchiladas there was 0 - NO filling what so ever inside ...Nothing. We had just came from Shun Yen and did not want a refire. How lazy, ignorant, or stoned could one be NOT to put filling in and not notice it, and the wait staff last line of Defence...paid $50+ and was still hungry.

I have been to 2 DDD by happenstance and both have been a disaster.
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I have no axe to grind as far as the show and it's host go. I have been around enough blocks to realize that the show is about entertainment, attracting more viewers, thereby increasing cash flow as a result. Let's face it, that is a sound business model.

The show ain't about truth and education. It is more along the lines of the "National Inquirer".


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I can take one look at the menu and tell you with near certainty if a place is all talk and no wok.
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Firstly I must say that even though a James Beard award winning Chef may own his or her own kitchen, it doesn't necessarily mean that fantastic award winning food is going to come out of that kitchen each and every day.

I personally dislike DDD. Guy's character does not warm the cockles of my heart, nor do I care for his TV persona. I find his remarks stupid, infantile, and condescending.

I also see that America's love for large portions has not abated yet, and the FN has not done anything to help this situation.
It's all about entertainment and I wish for the day when the Food Network meets its demise, as it sends the wrong message to the people
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I personally dislike DDD. Guy's character does not warm the cockles of my heart, nor do I care for his TV persona. I find his remarks stupid, infantile, and condescending.
A lot of people say this about him, oddly. 

As far as celebrity establishments, I get the same issue... poor food quality, crap service, etc. I guess we go in there with x expectations (based on their TV personas) and most of the time are let down.   

However, I did have a good experience at Gordon Ramsay's burger place in Vegas. I've eaten a lot of burgers in my lifetime and although I am a minimalist, it made my top 10. Maybe somewhere around 5 - 6. The fries on the other hand were waxy and taste of lipstick. Not that I eat lipstick. Haha! Service was fantastic, though.  
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I've copied at least a dozen dishes featured on the DDD show with wonderful success. 

It is what it is I guess. Some people get lucky and others have to work the dish-pit.


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Pat's and Moochies, two places Guy visited in SLC are decent. There are places I prefer over them for what they serve. I found the few episodes I saw of DDD entertaining because I do enjoy casual dive food. But there are often better dives to be found.
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Guy also featured The Blue Plate Diner here in SLC on one of his shows. I don't get there very often, but do enjoy the food. And I was going to question phatch phatch about Pat's BBQ, but I have not been there in quite some time, so perhaps there is a better place in SLC these days for good Q.


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Sugarhouse bbq for ribs and pork shoulder and holy smoke in Layton for chicken and okra.

Pat has excellent sides and decent mains. Great greens, red beans and rice. I think sauces are his weak link.
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Just spent a few days in Myrtle Beach, SC. My first visit to a "tourist" beach area in years and I remember now why I have avoided going to one. while there, we went to two celebrity named restaurants.
Saturday we went to Paula Deen's Family Kitchen for supper( We went early, 430pm, so we were seated quickly. Nice place, open, airy, well lit. We did the family style dinner, so 5 of us shared pot roast, BBQ ribs, fried chicken, creamed potatoes, collards, fried okra, and creamed corn. The food was hot, fresh and tasted good. lots of FOH staff, watched as a party of 12 near us left. from last person leaving to ready for next customers was about 5 minutes. the family style concept works well here. small number of choices. most of the meat and all the veg cook long and slow, so I doubt the kitchen is ever swamped.
yesterday went to Wahlburgers for burgers.( had a sorta industrial decor, open ceiling with exposed beams and duct work, factory style lighting. simple metal tables and chairs. good burger, cooked proper, meat had good flavor.
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