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    Hi everybody,

    We are looking for an ambitious chef who wants to grow with a new farm-to-table business operating a food truck in New Bern, NC. 

    This is a newly forming farm-to-table which utilizes an on-site, fully mobile, commercial kitchen to cook and package produce directly from the farm.  The farm consists of leafy green producing hydroponic greenhouses which are used as key ingredients in soups, stews, salads, veg burgers. 

    The model allows for the freshest and healthiest locally sourced food possible.   We remove the supply chain wherever possible by delivering directly to our customers on a weekly basis and at special events such as local festivals, farmers markets, etc. 

    We first market to those who are seeking prepackaged meals direct to door on a weekly basis.  The meals selected for the menu are created with nutrition, taste and cost being the top priorities.  We have the distinct advantage of being able to harvest, package and deliver a ready to eat meal all in the same day.  Our goal is to be able to source all of our ingredients that we are unable to grow ourselves locally and ideally chemical, hormone, and steroid free.

    We are looking for a chef to start in June, developing and managing the food production side of the business.  From menu crafting, food preparation, packaging, supply management and eventually mobile event preparation & selling, this is an opportunity to have the responsibility of what the customers are consuming. 

    The farm production is handled by the owner, who also is the business manager and developer.  The owner sees through of the marketing, accounting and all financial aspects of the business and will see to its structured growth as demand increases and evolves.  We want our chef to focus on creating delicious meals on a weekly basis, with little distraction over the long term. 

    That said, note that this is a startup venture.  This requires an open mind to accept any responsibility that the business requires including marketing, assisting with promotions and customer outreach while a customer base is developed.  You will have full assistance and support until core responsibilities are defined and developed as the business matures.  Normal hours and time commitment should be considered extremely flexible until patterns are developed through business acquisition.  Base pay will be minimum but with unlimited potential, as commission will be based off of net profits and will be split based off of duties, previous experience and willingness to pick up additional tasks.

    You must have an interest in promoting a healthy food & lifestyle and being part of creating a more sustainable food system.  Self-improvement must be a key focus in your life through daily practice.  As we will sometimes be customer facing, we are then by default marketing ourselves to our customers with our attitudes, actions and core beliefs. Speaking with a passion behind our goals and desire to create healthy food to improve people's lives is key to building a following behind our brand. 

    You must be willing to grow with the business mentally and financially.  Our growth will only be limited by the effort that is put into it and our ability to connect with our customers. 

    As long as you are extremely driven, open minded and are willing to do whatever it takes to make the food production and management a success, we are flexible regarding a well-established work history, however, culinary experience is required.  You must show strong desire to learn and grow yourself in all facets of the skill sets required to succeed in this business.  With that, you must demonstrate a strong competency in cooking soups, stews, salads, veg burgers, wraps and snacks on a small commercial scale efficiently and have an aspiration to experiment and try new things. 

    This job is not for someone who feels entitled by past work experience.  This job is also not for someone who requires a steady paycheck from the outset or does not want to get their hands dirty when necessary. 

    Our philosophy is that we can do anything we set our minds to.  We grow through overcoming adversity and learning from our mistakes.  With determination, hard work, and a no excuses attitude, we will succeed by providing value to our customers through trust, consistency, openness, and of course, delicious and healthy food.  

    If you want to be part of something new and exciting, and want to have a direct impact on the success of an eco-friendly based mobile food selling operation, send us your resume.  Cover letters are not required, but it would be helpful to start with more information about your passions and goals beyond a list of your previous work experience. 

    Thanks for reading.

    If you're interested, email me at [email protected]
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    "Base pay will be minimum but with unlimited potential, as commission will be based off of net profits and will be split based off of duties, previous experience and willingness to pick up additional tasks."

    Have any of you heard that before?
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         What I read is "We want someone to do anything and everything we tell them, despite your extensive experience we are not going to pay you anything and we don't want to listen to anything you say because we will make all major decisions, you won't get paid anything to start with and we'll come up with endless excuses for why you never get paid any more money." 

         Essentially they are looking for a high school kid who looks presentable and has a good attitude. 
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    You have to drink an awful big glass of Kool Aid to wash this down.

    "This job is also not for someone who requires a steady paycheck from the outset or does not want to get their hands dirty when necessary."
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    I can see the massively HUGE red flag waving over this so-called endeavour all the way up here here in northern Canada!! That should say something about this "job" posting.
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    Maybe this is a wonderful opportunity ... and the guy just doesn't have the best handle on how to offer it properly.