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I've been in the industry 10 years and was just wondering what the wages are like around different areas of the world for chefs and cooks of all levels.  Are there areas where pay is considerably better or worse?
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Vegas and NY used to be good. The Islands were good. Depends on the type of job and the responsibility associated with it. This economy changes it a bit as it is an employers ball game.
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I work at a fishing lodge in the summer for 4 months and a heliski operation for 4 months in the winter.  I net 40k/year and live off of EI in the off-season.  When I'm working, I work my bag off, but get to put my feet up for 4 months.  I hope to open my own place in 5 years with my savings.  Not a bad way to do it.  My other option would be working for fairly low wages as a sous chef or chef in the beautiful, but very expensive city of vancouver and basically living paycheck to paycheck.  Not a bad option, if you like remote and isolated areas for a few months at a time.


iv been a line cook for just under 3 years in wisconsin and i make 12/HR.
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experienced cooks who sub in make $25 an hour

Personal chefs that I know in the midwest make anywhere from $125-250 a day....that day can be as little as 3ish hours....depends on how fast you are, how much running around shopping you have to do, what your agreement is with the client.

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As a personal chef in Kingston On. I do a sliding fee, which may include trade for service; 25 hr min.up to 75 hr. For 2hr cooking class 25hr. 4 or 5hr cooking class 50hr.General Wolfe Hotel 15hr as chef. and any food demonstrations 15hr.


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