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Anthony, I have noticed a great deal of interest on cheftalk in regards to the pro's and con's of (KC) There have been some important veiws posted by both camps (If you will) and you have posted your comments. We appreciate your interest in cheftalk, and I was wondering if there were anyother topics you would like to bring to the table for discussion.

BTW...tonight 2/6/2002 there will be a live open chat if you are interested.
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I have seen some of the discussion and have heard many other comments about it. I hadn't read it though. I finally remembered to check at the library. It was there and I have started to finally read it. I will admit I have preconceived notions about it. I started the book thinking I was not going to agree with what he had to say. Not a good way to start anything. I have only read the 1st chapter so far, but I do like what I have read so far. But of course it's only about his childhood. I will post my comments when I am through. Not that mine mean anything necessarily, just what I'ma gonna do!
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While you're reading this thread, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind posting a list of where you will be 'on tour' supporting the new book.

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If I may clarify my reason for this post,
I am not interested in another Bourdain thread, I am interested for Mr Bourdain to contribute to cheftalk in other ways.
He has written his books, many of us have read them, But how about posting to some threads other then only the (KC) threads.
The only reason I posted this to the public forums is because Bourdain perfers not to offer a private messaging or e mail capability to the community
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Tony Bourdain has a live chat scheduled on the Food Network on the 8th of January, 9:30 to 10:30 EST. You can post questions early on the foodtv website now, perhaps a good idea, I'm sure he will have more questions than he can answer in an hour. That may be a good way to ask him questions. =)


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