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    I have more than thirteen years of experience in cooking, I started my you tube channel on 28th December, 2011, for many reasons:
    • Cooking is a kind of art someone can express his or her ideas, but it can be rather very helpful tools to the society by promoting a healthy eating happiest.
    • Having a channel at you tube can document all theses nice ideas for many other people to look at it.
    • Differently be filming yourself you have chance to see your weakness and work on them to turn them into strength.
    • Lastly, it is a potential source of income for the future.
    Thank you

    Chef Asak
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    Welcome to Chef Talk.

    So glad you found us!  This a vibrant and diverse community comprised of folks of varying skill levels.  Don’t miss the Chef’s Garden forum; there is always something interesting growing there.  I hope that you will post in the general forums as well as in the Professional, Home Cooks such as myself can only read in the Pro section.