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I am sure this topic has been covered more times than I can count and I have search multiple forums with different answers so I'll try asking on this forum. I am looking for a chef 6"-8" and boning knife (hopefully a combo to give as a gift but two different brands are acceptable). I will try to answer the questions that I know will be asked

- I want something that will hold an edge and require less time between sharpening and steeling.
- Would like a "good looking" knife. I really like the Damascus blade look
Shun, Yoshihiro and Miyabi w/ Birchwood handle come to mind
- Also like the nicely made wooden handles similar to the Middleton Santoku
- These are going to be used in a home kitchen but I would still like something that could take some abuse. There must be a reason ceramic knives are not in professional kitchens.

Now the big question....price. I really don't like this question because I feel I may exclude a far superior knife because it is $30-$50 more than what I set as a limit. So with that in mind I would like to stay in the $700 dollar range for the pair.

I look forward to some suggestions and will try best to answer anything else I might have missed.
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Jeep, I'm not sure these Japanese brands are making boning knives in the western shape/style. You could go Tojiro flash for the boning knife but it's not going to be a nice wooden handle, and it might be worth going with a Western brand using a softer, tougher steel.

6 inch is fairly short for a main knife. What are your main cutting tasks?
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Thanks for the reply. I am buying this as a gift but I assume this will be a main chefs knife so closer to 8" - 9" is more likely the correct size for that.

For the boning knife, again it if a gift but I'm looking for a knife that can be used for cutting/carving up chicken, rubs etc. As you can tell I'm not educated when it comes to cutlery so I am open to suggestions.

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