Chef Alex Atala's Oysters in Brioche Crust ...

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    Chef Alex Atala's Oysters in Brioche

    Restaurant D.O.M.

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Recipe Serves 4 ...

    4 Medium sized oysters

    200g Brioche

    50g Tapioca Bread Balls ... Tapioca is extracted from Casava or Manioc Flour and converted into pearls * scientific name is Manihot Esculenta or Yuca Tuber Root

    2 Eggs

    Salt to taste

    Sugar to taste

    Black pepper to taste

    Fresh chive ribbons

    Salmon Roe

    20ml fresh squeezed lime juice

    Extra virgin olive oil


    Soy sauce

    1. Cook the Tapioca in boiling water until tender.

    2. There should be a white dot in the centre of the tapioca balls.

    3. Strain and cool off in ice water and drain well.

    4. Mix the tapioca with lime juice

    5. Remove the crust from the brioche and finely grate in bowl.

    6. Mix the eggs in the bowl and sprinkle with finely ground pepper and salt. Set aside.

    7. Open the fresh oysters and preserve the liquid. Put the oysters in the Egg Wash and then in the brioche bread crumb flour. Pour the water from the oysters into the Tapioca.

    8. Fry the oysters on a medium heat in a non stick pan in olive oil until golden, just a few minutes.

    9. Remove from the pan and place on absorbent paper towelling.

    10. Season each oyster with a drizzle of Tabasco.

    11. Soy sauce Emulsion ... 50 ml soy sauce and 400 dl olive oil blended until emulsified.


    In a small plate, pour some soysauce emulsion. Place the oyster on top and cover partly with the marinated tapioca. Finish the lineup with salmon roe and finely chopped chive herb ribbon ...

    For further details, please contact Chef Alex Atala who speaks Portuguese, English, Italian, French and Spanish fluently ...