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Hello Chefs :) 

I am looking for chef academy in Italy that teaches in English or have English translation during courses 

I found "Italian Chef Academy"  in Rome, but there are not much reviews about it! 

also there is "ALMA" in Parma. but the program they have is only Italian Chef certificate. 

I need a professional certificate 

I will be thankful to have quick answers about this subject 

Thank you very much

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Hello juliana2,

I attended a course at Chef Academy in Terni, Umbria I know that they make courses with professional certificate, not sure they do in english, i think only for small groups...

But i know that the certificate is "professional qualification" one of my friends did it, and it is recognized by law, i think the only one in Italy. I just added the description of the school becausa I saw that there wasn't

I hope I was helpful!

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Hi @juliana2  have you seen the reviews of the Rome campus posted by other students? Thee are actually 4 reviews (not a ton but a solid number to get an idea of the school). There are also some other threads.
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