Cheesecake while I'm away?

Joined Dec 10, 2010
We are baking a cheesecake for a party tonight, so we need to get it cooked this morning so it can cool before the party. Unfortunately, we don't have enough time to bake it before we have to leave for a lunch date with my family and won't be back until later in the afternoon. If we use our oven's auto-shut-off feature and bake it while we're gone, will the cheesecake be OK? Normally we pull cheesecakes out to let them cool as soon as their done. If we set the auto-shut-off for five or ten minutes before the cheesecake should be done, will the oven allow for sufficient cooling?
Joined Apr 30, 2010
Well depending on your oven if you cut your time by about I would think 10-15 minutes you should be OK, I don't know how criticizing the people are that will be enjoying your cheesecake but if  (heaven forbid) it cracks you could always cover the mistake with some type of fruit such as cherries, strawberries or something along those lines. Good luck and let us know how things turn out.
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