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    I made this NY style cheesecake from a popular TV segment. It was a big 10" diameter cake. I will attach a link at the bottom with the recipe. It turned out fine, tasted good, didn't crack. Looked surprisingly professional for this home cooks first attempt. I just felt it was a bit too dense and a tad dry. My gas oven BTW is very accurate, I followed the recipe modifications at all. I want to modify the recipe for the second cake and need guidance. My online research shows different ways. Some say reduce the amount of cream cheese. Others say add some heavy cream along with the sour cream. Some say more eggs. Another says separate the eggs and beat the whites to a soft peak and add to the mix. I'm not looking for a mousse like cheesecake or anything, just a creamier and smoother mouth feel with less density.  I know what I'd like, just no clue how to get there. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/licklips.gif

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    Density is one of the qualities of a good cheesecake.

    Changing the density will lead to cracking and weeping in most cheesecakes because they are at heart an egg set custard. 

    You'll need to add structure. This can be flour, gelatin, corn starch and similar. This will change the texture as well. Now to make it lighter, whipping some air into ingredients is an option, but not if you're going to bake it. The rise and fall will tear it apart.  It seems to me you'd have to go down the path of the refrigerated cheese cakes that aren't baked and get it to set fast enough to hold the air you've added.