Cheeseburger in Paradise

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"I like mine with lettuce & tomato, Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes!" (<- That's just me singing!)

I was just listening to this song the other day, thinking how good a juicy burger from the grill sounded.

So, how do you like your burger? Describe to us your perfect burger....from the type of ground to the toppings and condiments, leave no detail out! Make us all hungry for a burger!!!
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Toasted sesame bun
Crisped Bacon
Mozzerella Cheese
Sauteed Mushroom
Cheddar Cheese
Medium Well burger patty with sauteed onions in it and seasoned with salt and pepper.

French Fried potatoes and ColeSlaw on a bed of lettuce on the side.

No ketchup please!
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A half pound of ground chuck (85% lean), formed into a thick patty with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Grill it over the hottest grill you can find to a rare-medium rare level.

Place it onto a fresh bulkie roll thickly layered with Hellman's mayo on both sides. Add sliced fresh garden tomatoes, green leafy lettuce and a slice of Vidalia onion.

Home-made french fries, half-sour pickles and a cold Samuel Adams Winter Lager on the side.

'scuse me, gotta go get something to eat...
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Same, with 85% lean beef with a little dash of worstishire sauce. But ketchup please with mustard and well done!

Sometimes, I add a little hoisin sauce on the paddy while its on the burner and use the dried chinese shitaki's, reconstituted and finely sliced then sauted like regualr button mushrooms.
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My favorite burger is still the Stilton Burger from the Goose Island Brewery in Chicago. This would usually be served with a basket of homemade potato chips and a nice IPA.

their description is
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Hi Keeper,

Your right, that we should be a bit more cautious to what temperature we cook ground opposed to beef in the whole form. The fda recently raised their recommendation for ground beef from 140f to 155f. Beef roasts remain 130f or higher (not too shabby).

A careful consideration to give is that as the temperature goes higher the meat can start to become extremely dry. But, if cooked to 155f you should still end up with a nice medium well, juicy hamburger.

You certainly bring up a good word of caution...but I'd also add to pull the burger off at 150f or so and let it sit for a bit. This should get you out of the problem are for e. coli and other harmful organisms While still giving you juicy burger to bite into.

interestingly enough..."How often does ground beef, purchased at retail and cooked at home, turn brown before reaching 160° F

Pork is also the same that it can reach a safe internal temperature of 160f and remain pink inside (and juicy)

I'm just trying to save the juices of our burgers and at a time ;)

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Hey oh

Thank you :D

Yes, it is a seiouse problem, and not all casses are reported. I was married soon after the Jack in the Box e-coli outbreak happened. I honeymooned in the boarder are of Ohio and West Virginia. Actually stayed at a Knights Inn near the Ohio Vally Mall, and spent a LOT of time at.... well it was a good honeymoon :eek:

The most stunning thing that occured to us, though, was eating at a fat boy or big boy or john boy ... whatever... restaurant. My new wife and I ordered hamburgers and were asked how we wanted them. Well! I had to ask what she ment by that, because here in Canada the only way you get ground meat is fully cooked. Well, she says, "I mean, do you want it rare or extra rare?"!!! OMG!!!

Yes, and cross contamination is also an important thing to keep in mind too.

Oh, and I also like to do a burger I call a cajun burger :D It is essentially the meat (and I use a three part mix of beef veal and pork) with cooked red beans cooked diced onion cooked diced celery and diced roasted red pepper with cajun spice mix added :D Yum! With my son not able to eat buns at all, there is enough punch in this burger to not need a bun!
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Sounds real good. Might sound like a PIG, but I love putting the fries in between the buns with the rest of the burger. If you want to pig out :D
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kaiser roll, lightly steamed
crumbled blue cheese
mushrooms browned in butter
burger on the lean side, done medium, 1/2 in thick with tons of diced, carmelized onions pressed into one side, the way they did it in 'Grapes of Wrath" (the book)
thick slabs of ice cold beefsteak tomato
shredded red leaf lettuce,l with ribby ends, for crunch!
...and a chocolate milkshake, to go please.
or, substitute a roasted and peeled anaheim pepper and melted jack cheese for the mushrooms and blue cheese.
thanks, y'all, now i'm drooling and i just had dinner. :lips:


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1/2# fresh ground chuck, formed into a patty, S+P, Worschestershire, grilled on real hardwood charcoal, medium rare, slice of gorgonzola blue cheese barely melted.

Lettuce, tomato, thin sliced red onion, coarse ground mustard (the type that comes in the crock) smear of mayo, served on a sesame bun,toasted on the grill of course with butter.

Thick cut fries with popcorn salt.

Chocolate malt. :)
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Well it depends on my mood somewhat, though I am a pretty strqaightforward kind on this. They all are made with 1/2# fresh ground chuck, salt, pepper & garlic, and all are served on meaty, but not Kaiser rolls then either:
  • Mayo and grilled onions with ketchup of course (Hellmans & Heinz only!)
  • Crispy bacon and cheddar cheese with a hint of Mayo
  • the Roy Rogers RR Bar Burger, with cheese, smoky ham and yellow mustard and ketchup
  • or lastly Garlic toasted bun with Crab meat, and little red wine and a dab of homemade ketchup
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ground chuck here too-i see a trend ;). M.rare, slice of cheddar, red onion, ripe slice tom, lettuce, not picky about condiments, except i gotta have dill pickles.
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thanks, dano-knew i forgot something-
please add to my order two gigantic, ice cold Mr. Neushins' kosher dill pickles with garlic. 'course ya gotta fire up the wayback machine to get those beauties....the best, and i mean BEST pickle ever made, alas; no longer to be found. anyone ever hear of 'em?


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Yes, I know all about E. coli, but I still love my burgers MR. And what's with this 85-15 ratio!? I find that I prefer an 80-20 blend or even 75-25 blend, especially if cooking my burger beyond MR. Of course, my favorite burger is grilled over charcoal with a nice soft bun, topped with ketcup, yellow mustard (sorry guys), thick slices of raw onion and slices of sour dills. May be kind of traditional, but hey, sometimes things are traditional for a reason!! :) A few other favorites are Blue cheese stuffed burgers with caramelized onions; or rosemary infused and topped with balsamic glazed onions and panchetta; or seasoned with jerk spices and topped with a caribbean slaw of cabbage, onions, and peppers dressed in ginger oil and habanero vinegar; and finally one more, topped with a mix of sauerkraut, sauteed onions and chopped sour dills, with the bun spread with horseradish mayo. And yes, I love burgers. They rank right up there with pizza as one of the greatest foods ever concieved!!! :D :D
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For me too...Gotta be no more than medium rare. E-coli. I have a better chance of getting run over by an airplane. Or getting killed by my cardialogist for eating a burger.
Anybody ever tried tookies in houston. The marinated burger is pretty good.


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I realize that this is a relatively old thread, but wished to make a contribution that is a little different...

Here's one I make that always seems to please.

1/4-1/3# extra lean ground chuck
Lawry's Seasoned salt (not too much)
Ground black pepper (first side only)
VERY light dusting of garlic powder and onion powder
Cooked MR to MW (depending on individual requests)
Fresh roll (not some spongy grocery store sliced bun) toasted on the grill
Slice of cheddar cheese melted to the patty
Hellman's or Miracle Whip spread on the bottom half of the roll
and a nice splash (or two) of Macayo's Taco Sauce (not salsa) of the medium to hot variety on the top half of the roll

If the taco sauce gets applied to the top of the roll as soon as it comes off the grill, it has a chance to "soak in", avoiding the potential for burger/bun misalignment during consumption due to excessive "lubrication" (without making the roll soggy)... :lol:

(every time I type this out, or try to describe it, I get awfully hungry...)
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The way I make mine:

Ground beef, about 1/2 ground chuck, 1/2 ground sirloin. Mix in 1 egg per pound of meat. Some Lea & Perrins worcestershire, and seasoned salt.

I usually cook them to medium. and my favorite trimmins:

1. Lettuce, tomato, mayonaise, sliced onion
2. Lettuce, tomato, mayonaise, onion, and either sliced avocado or quacamole
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All hamburgers are good. I can honestly say I would eat two of every one mentioned. Here's two simple favorites of mine.

I had one at a Red Robin that I make at home. It's good grilled or fried.

Salt and pepper seasoned 1/2 lb. Chuck patty, Medium.
Two slices deli American cheese
One large onion ring
One fried egg, yolk almost completely set.

Pile it all on a slightly puffy heavily buttered white bun, slightly warmed in the oven.

The egg and onion rings make it a killer.

Here's another.

Two very thin squareish ground chuck patties slightly larger than a slice of white bread. They need to be loose. I tell the butcher to not pack the beef when packaging, so the patties consist of the strands from the grinder barely held together.

Kosher Salt and cracked pepper.

Cook the patties in a screaming hot pan. Two slices deli American cheese. After flipping put on the cheese. The burgers should be so loose the cheese starts to melt into the patties.

Serve on two slices heavily buttered toasted white bread. That's it. No condiments or extras of any kind. Just a plain double cheese burger basically held together by melted cheese. It is the ultimate slider. Had one similar from a little street stand in Memphis in 1985. I think of it often. That was on a bun. I use the toast basically to keep the thing together.

Eat two, the patties are thin.

Hardwood charcoal burgers are also great. Those I like with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo, ketchup, and yellow mustard.
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Anybody noticed that since Lea & Perrins was bought out, the Worcestershire sauce is sweet and lacks the punch it's had for the last 50 years?

There was a long thread on it somewhere, don't remember which forum!

I called the 800 # and they said they'd only owned L&P for 2 months so the L&P WS that I bought 8 months ago, couldn't be their fault.

I got 8 large bottles from Sam's club still sitting in the basement, because I opened two others from the same purchase and they just aren't there anymore for taste.

Screwed up some of my favorite methods of using it, which included putting it in hamburger patties.

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