cheese Parmigiano Reggiano

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Fratelli Carli is my place for olive oil and i have tried their other products, very good. This year they had wedge of this cheese with the stamp on the cheese rind. Just used my microplane and was very surprised how a hard bloch would grate so easily. Tried some and it had a crunch nutty flavor that never tasted in any pregrated cheese, is this the real thing, I LIKE IT! Pays to spend the extra once in awhile.
Read something in ny times about using the rind for soups an sauces along with it being edible?
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I LIKE IT! Pays to spend the extra once in awhile.

You get what you pay for and parmesan is one of those cheeses that are so so so good. I do use the rind for soups, mostly when making stock for beef soup which I then turn into mushroom barley soup. Also when making risotto I like to add it to the stock. I've never used it in a stew but I'm sure that would work awesome. I like to scrape the top layer of the outside and even dig into the perforated letters with a sharp knife to get some of the dirt out before I give it a good wash and stick into the soup. It can handle a long time cooking and it won't fall apart.
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The stuff in the green cardboard container bears no resemblance to the real thing.

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Haven't used Kraft since my mother did the shopping. I'm i big fan of BelGioioso cheeses since buying their mozzarella in BJs and now found their rocottia, polly-o you are crap! Only bad part is i can't find it around here only on line.
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