Cheese Grater ?

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I want to by a cheese greater I have a Cuisinart FP I purchased a fine disk to great cheese Cuisinart DLC-835TXAMZ Fine Grater Disc. It does a good job, but I see it put a lot of stress on the machine. Does anyone use their stand mixer for grating hard cheese? I have the kitchen aid tilt type mixer. If anyone has anything they like, let me know.
I grate Parmesan and pecorino cheese usually.
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How much hard cheese are you grating that a machine is the best bet? You can grate half a pound of Parmesan on a box grater or a microplane in 5-10 minutes.
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I guess I should reshape this question. Does any on e have the cheese grating attachment, for the kitchen aid. Do the like it, and which model.
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Busted the Cuisinart RC 1 (Robot Coupe) grater attachment with soft cheese years ago, tossed the entire useless works.
Have the round/sideways cup Kitchen aid grater attachment(s), may have used it once or twice in the past,..way too slow & double the time for a fancy archived dust collector.
I rarely grate much more than 1kg cheese at any one time, and use the box/knuckle grater for that - I need the exercise! ;-)
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I used the KA cheese grating attachment for some cheese that had dried out a bit. It got the job done but I found out the shaft that holds the attachment is designed to break if there. is too much prolonged stress. Which there was. Now trying to find a replacement.

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