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I'm making a Philadelphia classic cheesecake recipe from the box and its the first made that doesn't have the crust cooked first before adding batter. This made me wonder why do other want the graham cracker crust cooked first? My crust is a crushed mix of vanilla and chocolate cookies.


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Actually that's a pretty good question and one that I have asked myself. I mean, if you're going to melt butter and add it to graham cracker crumbs (or any other type of crumbs), what effect, if any, would prebaking the crust have? My theory about that is that perhaps it helps the crust stay together better by further melding the crumbs and butter in the heat of the oven. But honestly, I've usually skipped the pre-baking part when the recipe says to, because I find it completely unnecessary and I see no discernible difference in the end product.
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The only reason to pre bake the crumb crust is the process may in some way moisture proof and/or tighten it into the shape of the pan.
The heat opens up the "pores" of whatever crumbs you are using and this allows the fat to enter.
Once it cools the crumbs are saturated and covered with a barrier that is a bit sturdier.


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