Cheese and Pork?

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I have to think about that one for awhile.  I'm not sure about that combo ...

While in Hawaii, Taco Bell had a huge ad campaign,

they are serving Kalua Pork (and what happened to saying Kalua Pig?),

Tacos, Burritos and Quesadillas.

I never worked up the nerve to try them,

though I must admit that I haven't been to

any type of top "fast food" restaurant in many years. (we won't name any names here)
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Why not? You put pepperoni on your pizza, along with cheese, so that's pork and cheese. I've had many wonderful tacos down in Mexico where they have shredded pork on tortilla with cheese sprinkled on top, so that's pork and cheese, too.


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Ham and cheese too of course, though that too is a cured pork product like the pepperoni.

But cheese is common as an accent on pork in the Ameri-Mexican food, Tex-Mex too and Mexican as well.
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Kongfeet, Phatch, you guys are right, pepperoni pizza is great, as is a good ham&chesse sammie! 

My mind was going along the lines of Kalua Pork and Taco cheese, slapped between two tortillas.  Somehow I still have to think about it.  Maybe I should try it?!  I have some pig and the rest of the ingredients…

But this is how I see Kalua pig

... all that smokey, juicey, fatty goodness of that heavenly pork that has been lovingly roasted all night (or day) underground, a bowl of Poi with just sprinkle of Hawaiian Sea Salt and MAYBE some Lomilomi Salmon on the side. 


I have to stop THIS train of thought, I'm drooling all over the keyboard..
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An obvious example - bacon cheeseburger, again a cured pork product..  A local chain makes a really good bean burrito smothered with chile verde, cheese and onions.  Not a cured pork product.  Sometimes I put cheese in with my carnitas, sometimes I don't.  A bratwurst with swiss and sauerkraut is tasty.  Beef ribeye and blue cheese - sure.  Pork chop and blue cheese?  Probably not.

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All your Mexican places combine these on a daily basis.  Ham and Eggs, bacon cheese omelette, quiches, many combos of pork and cheese.
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