cheese aficionados: soft spanish cheese for mediterranean menu??

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as pastry chef in my restaurant, i've been developing the dessert menu for our upcoming mediterranean celebration. i'm posting in the general professional chef's forum as opposed to the pastry chef forum, as this is a question about cheese, which i feel is certainly not isolated within the realm of pastry.

i have been searching for a soft spanish cheese, preferably a sheep's milk or sheep and goat's milk blend. our purveyor of specialty items has not been very helpful and is not very well-versed in regard specialty/imported cheeses. i was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for soft spanish cheeses (preferably from the mediterranean coast)? one of the issues is that many are not pasteurized and therefore unavailable for shipment to us overseas. 

long story short, i am searching for a soft cheese that i could beat with a little bit of heavy cream and scoop into tortas de aceite; something pasteurized, something available to the u.s., and preferably a sheep and/or goat's milk cheese.

any suggestions or pointers would be so very much appreciated.

thank you very much.

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Tetilla aka perilla might be soft enough. It's cows milk. Very dramatic shape too.

Torta del Casar is very soft sheep's milk  cheese.

Cabrales is also soft. It's a mixed milk blue.

I would also consider getting my hands on some goat or sheep milk and making my own fresh cheese. There are several easy procedures you can use. I'd try doing it like formage blanc, or making it into yogurt and draining it.
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Sheeps milk cheese

Burgos: A snow-white moist, lightly-salted, fresh cheese from the province of Burgos, in Northern Spain. It is generally made with sheep’s milk, but can be made from cow’s milk, as well. It is not a fatty cheese, since it is made from partially skimmed milk and has a very mild flavor. Since it is a fresh cheese, not cured, it is made to be eaten soon after being made. Mixed with honey and nuts, or dried fruit, it becomes a fabulous dessert. It can also be mixed in salads or used in making cheese cakes.

Goats milk cheese

Majorero: A cheese from the Canary Island of Fuerteventura, it is a cheese with a Denomination of Origin. It is made from the milk of goats of theMajorero breed, which graze in meadows, living mainly off marjoram. Its rind when not mature is snow white, although it turns an ivory color when cured. Oil, roasted gofio (corn meal) or paprika can be used to cure the cheese and the process can last from 8 to 20 days. It has a flavor with hints of honey and almonds, although its aftertaste is a bit peppery.
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