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Hi Everyone,

SO glad to have found this forum. I work as a chef instructor at a high school in CT and am looking to strengthen and broaden my sounding board for professional advise in the food service world. I am a firm believer that I will always be a student, which helps me to improve as a teacher. I am certified to teach Family and Consumer Sciences and Health in CT and MA. I did my baking and pastry training at the Connecticut Culinary Institute in Hartford, CT.
I facilitate the operation of an in-school student-run restaurant and catering business where I work and have a pastry and cake business on the side that I run out of my home. I am looking forward to sharing stories, tips and advise with you all and glad I have found a place where the love of food is the common ground.

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Hello James and welcome to ChefTalk. You're right: this is an amazing place both in terms of information and people. In fact, we have several culinary instructors here you can discuss- or even meet, as they are in the northeast.

Don't miss the cooking articles, photo gallkery and special guest forums as well as the discussion forums. The search tool will help you navigate throgh the 10 years' worth of discussions here.,


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