Cheers from Adelaide, Australia!

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    Howdy everyone, I'm new here, so you get my epic introduction.


    Okay, that was a lie. Nothing really epic here. Been cooking/working in professional kitchens since I was twelve, (got drafted into helping the kitchen at my family's church...which is rather huge) which as of October this year, will mean I've been doing something related to cooking for the gross majority of twenty years.

    I'm definitely a 'school of hard knocks' person. I grew up learning things by simply going "I wonder..." and then doing them. I have had some formal training. One high school I attended was more like a votech than typical HS, and the culinary arts program was actually taught by a chef with over twenty years experience.

    I've worked every position from dishwasher to head chef, and am now back at washing dishes and doing prep work with my first job since moving to Aus from the US.

    Other than that, I'm a cheerful sort, rather blunt at times, and I tend to offend people horrifically without even realizing it. (I have almost zero filter on my mouth)

    Anything else, just ask me!