Cheers, and my BEST Regards.

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Just, want to say Hello, and wish everybody a cool time here in the forum, I´m a newbie in the cooking deal, recently took some knives and started chopping stuff out and put it in a pan to see what goes on. Open for new ideas and tips to make some incredible meals, I consider myself ignorant in this and looking forward to receive as many advice as possible. Thanks, blessings to all.

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Welcome, Popolvuh! You've come to the right place to learn from Professionals and avid home cooks. You're welcome to read in all the forums, but home cooks like you and I mustn't post in the Professionals' forums. Beyond the forums are cooking articles, equipment and cookbook reviews, wikis, photos and more! Don't miss all the goodies.

Who or what inspired you to start cooking? Are there dishes you'd like to learn how to cook? Our community is packed with helpful, knowledgeable members.

We hope you explore the site and enjoy being part of the community.


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Thank you very much Mezzaluna. The reason why I started up cooking up real food; and my own, is because I gave up on microwave products, artificial flavors and all that junk. I started growing plants in the yard and became a more natural and healthy person, in fact, in about two hours, it´s swimming time. I´m into mediteranean cuisine, my favorite, but open minded to japanese and other eastern cultures, specially when it comes to vegetables and types of rice. I appreciate that if you could help me how to make the best, tomato sauce for my pasta, and a few recipes to start with, nothing complex, with things I have at the reach of my hand.

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