Chasing ambitions?

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Hey guys.
Anybody else here??
The young, ambitious kind.
The ones who are willing to move just for the sake of working in the right restaurant / hotel. Moving across Europe or similar just to get experience in the right Michelin restaurant or whatever. Forsaken family, girlfriends and friends for what the kitchen has to offer??
Not thinking about what you get paid in cash, but in knowledge and skills.
Planning what restaurant you want to eat at. and plan your vacation because of it?

To me it seems like you are more the settled kind, and mostly Americans. Any Europeans here?
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Not European. Canadian though. I just moved 12 hours away from where I am from to pursue greater career opportunities. Have also compiled a list of 13 restaurants in this city that I want to hit before 2011. I think it is just as important to explore the local talent as well as the world-famous pla ce.
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i have the abition but not a big fan of job hoping, i like to work until i learn everything and then i start thinking about something else at least a year though nothing less for me.
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I just moved from Alaska to Oregon, leaving family friends and a sous chef position to start almost all over again to work in kitchens that make food I'm passionate about.


I know the feeling brother.. I left my sous chef position to work at a locally famous brewpub because i wanted to explore cooking with beer and have passed two great opportunities. one of them includedworking for  a sous chef who worked for thomas keller and a graduate of cia


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/img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif  My children were 10 years old before I saw the whites of their eyes.
Very seldom did I stay at a place more than a year or two.
A lot of times I would take cut in pay to work in a place where I could learn more,
and sometimes  I had to work two jobs just to get the added experience. 
The chefs would fire you if they caught you writing something down.
That's why my proteges have to learn the way I did.  (no books or paper)
Most of my mentors were near retirement or I may not have gotten what I wanted.
You had to earn and show them respect to learn their secrets.
All of my mentors were European trained and nothing has ever been written that is comparable.
Don't let anyone tell you it's in the books for the best procedures were never written down anywhere by anyone. They always leave out something out believe me even the bakers do.
As for being the "settled kind' you have to be "settled" to be a Chef otherwise you are a cook.
Years ago all chefs were Euorpean and we only had American cooks regardless of experience.
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