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Hope this is okay to post here -

I mentioned in my initial post on Cheftalk that I'm the mom of a 25 year old son with a spinal cord injury, who is paralyzed from the chest down. It's okay - this is not a sympathy post!

I came on a website just before Christmas, that includes lots of major companies (including a lot of cooking/kitchen supply companies), called They have gotten all these companies to donate a percentage of their sales to the charity of your choice (they deal with a few of the major ones).

The research for a cure for spinal cord injury is, of course, very close to my heart; there have been many, many, exciting breakthroughs in the search for a cure; a lot of focus has been placed on finding a 'cure' because of the attention that Christopher Reeve has brought to the forefront.

However, because of the double whammy of the Sept. 11 events, and Bush's vetoing stem cell research, which would play a large part in curing not only spinal cord injuries, but Parkinson's and a host of other debilitating injuries/conditions, research in the spinal cord injury field has come to a screeching slowdown.

I'd just like to ask that those of you who order over the net check this website out, and donate to whatever cause touches your hearts. Thanks! Jackie;)
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Dear Jackie,

One of the many wonderful things about cheftalk is it's sence of community. I appreciate you sharing your story with us. I have looked through the site you posted and it makes perfect sence to buy this way. Barnes and are just a couple of buisnesses that support,
I will send a prayer to you and your son for a year full of hope.
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