Charitable Fundraisers.......specfics.

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I just went over last years figures with a chef adn he spends ave.$20,000 for charitable cooking during the year.

I've done the James Beard picnic...600 servings where you get a budgeted amount that would increase by 2x if you purchase your supplies from one local distributor. Your responsible for decorations, table set up and staffing....40 cooks/chefs doing 1 dish each. Cost pre person is $40 and it fills up quickly. The money goes to James Beard House in NYC and is up for local cooking scholarships.

SOOOO what do you do in your area?
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their is a home for abused children in my area, We plant over 1000 Bulbs on the property each fall, and then we prepare a nice dinner for the kids...and leave lot of non perishable food items. Their is also two area soup kitchens that I send a lot of food to, and during the holidays we cook 20 turkeys with sides and bring them for thanksgiving.
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