Char Sui recipe?

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Hi there! I was wondering if anyone had a scratch recipe for Char Sui (Char siu?)- It's a Chinese BBQ sauce- that is soooo delicious! It is so expensive to buy prepared (and I can't find it in bulk, only in teeny little jars here). Any advice would be appreciated!
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Martin Yan has a good one in one of his books. We used to get that stuff delivered warm to the country club I was at, straight from Chinatown in Boston. It was incredible. I don't know where the book is right now. I'll look. I've made it several times.
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Char Sui (or however you want to spell it) is a Chinese version of BBQ pork. The pork shoulder is covered in the dry rub and slow cooked as only a true BBQ meat should be. The literal translation is "fork cooked" (as in cooked on a fork.) :)

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