Chapter 2, The return of the black box

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Who's Game?

1 # wild Irish salmon
2 semi boneless Quail
1 Frenched rack of lamb
1 camel (sorry only kidding)
kaffir lime leaves
2 meyer lemons
2 stalks of lemon grass
6 sheets nori
tomatoes (your choice)..remember it's almost December
2# purple peruvian fingerlings
kalamata olives
dry feta
juniper berries
rose water
2 turban squash
"seasonal" herbs
Pastry chefs or lovers of the sweets

W.Debord you get 1 # of chocolate and a pepsi :D

Please be kind!!!!!

6 grapefruits
2 # turboni suger
1 # sweet butter
1 cup brazil nuts
2 eggs
1 cup heavy cream
1 # cream cheese
all the flour you need
1 # chocolate of your chose
1 bunch tarragon
6 bananas
Have fun
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I couldn't get my courage up for the first one, but this one, maybe. But a couple of questions, first: can we assume S&P are allowed? And what about some -- or any -- kind of stock? Or should we just make camel stock?? (NOT kidding!)
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S&P are a given,also basic pantry items. Stockes should be made from the products listed
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CC - Nice list of ingredients. Really got the brain moving along. I thought of several dishes that sounds mighty delicious to me but I always had that 1 ingredient left over...rose water. I really couldn't think of anything to use that stuff in. Can I swap it for the camel?
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ok, i'll play...

first cure the salmon with the lemongrass and kaffir lime (minced fine), rock salt, sugar, crushed peppercorns, the juiniper berries, and cilantro.

boil half the purple fingerlings, skin them, puree with butter and season.

then, using the nori, make a maki roll. spread the purple mash on the nori, then lay out a layer of whole basil leaves, and then lay sticks of the cured salmon down the center. roll up to make the maki.

next course...the quail. make a curried barbecue sauce with the tomatoes, the curry, some soy and worcestershire (are these in my pantry?) and a little juice from the meyer lemons. grill the quail and baste with the sauce. serve it with salsify "frites".

main course....the lamb rack.

make a crust for the lamb rack by zesting the meyer lemons, pitting some of the olives and mincing them both, then mix them with breadcrumbs (pantry, i assume) melted butter, and some finely chopped flatleaf parsely.

cut just the tops off the turban squash and roast them in a low oven with butter. scrape the insides out to get the roasted squash, but leave the shells intact. confit the other half of the purple fingerlings and cut them into small "coins". crumble the feta and coarsely chop the rest of the olives.

make a rosewater vinaigrette, and then use it to dress the diced roasted squash, the purple potato coins, chopped olives, crumbled feta. we'll serve this warm potato salad inside the hollowed out squashes.

sear and roast the lamb racks, then when they're about 2 minutes shy, pack the lemon-olive crust onto them and finish them under the broiler, browning the crust. slice into chops and serve alongside the squash-potato salad.

there...i think i managed to use everything......kind of a cultural mish-mash, but what can you expect from that list?
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:D :D :D :D could I have some cream with my chocolate and pepsi sir? If so I'll make you some truffles, I'll drink the pepsi while their setting up or I could make pepsi truffles (wonder if pepsi is interested, HA).

O.k. I can play with this list! Do you have to use ALL the ingredients, yuk?!

(Since I don't have enough eggs for a cream sauce) I'll paint my plate with carmel sauce. Set to one side a petite banana cheese cake with a brazil nut crust, topped with thin slices of bananas brulee', chocolate shard stabbed into the top. Next to my cheesecake I'll place a quenelle of chocolate mousse set into a nest of spun sugar (not too much). Sprinkle some toasted brazil nuts around plate.

If I can use water too I could also make...
A quenelle of chocolate sorbet, banana sorbet and brazil nut ice cream, served on carmel sauce again with toasted nuts and spun sugar garnish.

chocolate molton cake on a brazil nut crust topped with banana sorbet or chocolate sorbet, off center chocolate hallow ontop.

chocolate pate' on banana anglaise sauce, dollop whip cream, dried banana chips to garnish.

Warm chocolate tart with banana sorbet carmelized banana circling the plate.

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Elakin - I was traveling down a similar road as far as menu w/ the exception of the salsify which I chose to puree the only way I can eat it this time of yr. I thought about using the rosewater in a dressing but have always thought that it lacked even the most subtle of flavor and what little flavor it did have would be masked by the oil. Maybe I've just tried lousey rosewater. I tried to get CC to let me use the camel but no go.;) Anyway nice job on the menu and nice touch w/ the turban shells. I used my for the soup I just love Turban Squash soup not as sweet as the acorn or butternut most folks use.
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Turboni sugar? Is that the same as turbinado?

Ok, How about caramelized turboni sugar roasted grapefruit slices, served with tarragon syrup and brazil nut meringue crisps. Garnish with tarragon.

Banana milk chocolate chiffon cake, with butter toasted brazil nuts and dark chocolate flecked chantilly cream.

Dried banana rolls: (sheets of dried banana puree, with a filling of semisweet ganache, marbled with sweetened cream cheese, and butter pound cake, rolled up, chilled and sliced).

I had to buy a few more eggs. I'll take it out of petty cash.

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86 the choco from the dessert ingredients and I'll make you a nice dressing or sauce for entree or salad and serve frozen twinkees for dessert.:D :D :lips: :beer: :crazy: :smokin
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Hey there Eddie,

I really like your menu..seeing that you spent so much time in Italy,(I miss reading your journel) I'd love to see what wines you think would work with your menu.
Also,Fodigger lives ( I think) in Northern california. Fodigger what would you serve with your menu?

Have fun

BTW,WDebord..Do you like bananas? LOL
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thanks cape chef and fodigger for the positive feedback.

and thanks cape chef for setting this up. it's really a good mental workout for creatively utilizing stuff. i had a lot of fun making up the menu.

sorry i kind of fizzled out on finishing the journal, cc....there's an ending there, but i just haven't gotten around to writing it down yet.

wines....i'm not too much of an expert on wines, so i'd appreciate any guidance or feedback...but i'll give it a shot.

for the salmon-potato maki, i'd go with a sparkling wine. if we're going italian, a prosecca. something not super dry.

for the quail ...maybe a pinot noir.....not sure.

for the lamb, i'd go with a big spicy red. maybe a shiraz from australia or a california merlot.

honestly....l'm just kind of guessing. i'd love to hear some suggestions, though....

looking forward to black box 3
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I'm part monkey, didn't you know that....

P.S. I kept writing banana sorbet but I meant banana gelato.

More....2 eggs is the challenge, but if Momoreg has any left over can I borrow some?

Hazelnut semi-freddo in a lacy cookie cup, dizzle of chocoate sauce on the plate, chocolate shard garnish.

Banana ice cream cakes (mix banana cake chuncks with vanilla ice cream (homemade) shape in paper cone drinking cup, freeze. Place ontop of warm sunken chocolate cake. Thin chocolate disk over cone point of banana ice cream. Chocolate sauce on place and scattered toasted hazelnuts too.

Hazelnut lacy cookie cup filled with carmel semi freddo.

Chocolate souffle', hazelnut sabayon

banana panna cotta, hazelnut tuile garnish

Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse

Banana cake, chocolate mousse

Swan shaped hazelnut meringues on puddle of anglaise. Coat bottom shell with chocolate. Put dollop of hazelnut whip cream as body of swan, insert wings.

Hazelnut daquoise layered with banana bavarian, frosted in ganche

Hey wait, this is getting too easy Cape Chef!
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Pooh, I forgot to look back at the list I thought it was filberts. No biggie just change my nuts to brazil nuts (but I must say their not my favorite).
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Actually CC I live about an hr. north of Santa Barbara near San Luis Obispo. About 4 to 5 hrs. south of napa.

First course: Royal Oaks Chardonnay 1998 Santa Barbara County
Not oaky a compliment to the food

Soup:1999 Pine Ridge Chenin/Viognier very nice not overpowering on the fruit

Lamb: Foley Vineyards 1999 Santa Maria Valley Pinot noir goes great w/ lamb or 1998 peachy Cyn Zinfandel Paso Robles

Camel ( see I'm still tring to get away from using the rosewater)

Talley Vineyards 1997 pinot noir or Chateau Souverain 1998 Cabernet Alexander Valley
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oh yeah, and finish w/ a Trentadue Merlot Port 1997 the finish is chocolate it's very yummy!
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great choices fodigger...
They sound yummy...

I will try to find a middle ground with my black box next time.

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