Chapel Hill NC

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I will be in North Carolina mid to late June for a week (Chapel Hill area)

Looking for some recs for restaurants. Any "can't miss" ? High end, cultural,street food etc.
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I taught a wild shroom class at Southern Seasons a few years ago and ate my way through Chapel Hill area.

Let's see, oldie but goodie Crook's Corner.....ate there 2x, kinda says it all

Lantern was closed when I was there but HIGHLY recommended by people I'd trust

The Barbecue Joint.....outstanding.....ran into some of the chefs eating lunch on their way into their fine dining places.  That's when you KNOW a place is good.

Southern Seasons is hands down the coolest fancy store I've ever been in......picked up a country ham there that was outstanding...Johnston County Hams, buffet style fully cooked boneless....let it sit in the fridge for 3 years and it had crispys in it like parm or good cheddar...outstanding.
I spent several hours poking through the store, great discount when you teach a class.....bought a ceramic knife and lots of other hard to find things.

The Carrsboro market is great, osso bow pig farmer sells there. Bet you anything i posted about the trip....
Belted Cow estate was interesting.  Really enjoyed the grocery stores, especially the co-op.  What wowed me was the number of high end places to shop and eat in this SMALL population.
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