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I am a home chef and thinking about getting back into the biz, after getting out when I was younger.

I didn't work Michelin star, but it wasn't slinging scattered, covered, and smothered either.

Just looking for some advice as to what I can expect.

I currently work as a systems engineer making in the 70's with a masters degree.  Does any of that help?

Sorry for the crazy-broad question.

I'm thinking resort / hotel maybe?  Something sea-side....not sure really.

thanks for the advice in advance.
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As someone who has been in the cooking business for over 37 years I have a couple of questions. How old are you? Are you independently wealthy? Can you take a 70% paycut? Are you prepared to start at the bottom of the barrel? If your answer is no to any of the questions or you're over 40ish, enjoy cooking as an advocation.

Then again, what do I know.
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Be like Nike.

No one can answer your question really. There are a bunch of threads currently asking for the same advice.

What IS your question; "what to expect in a kitchen"? It is to broad. You dont enjoy your life currently, make a change while you can.

Good luck.

To answer question, what to expect, expect that they all have an oven, usually. Mine has eight. Very much over kill, I don't turn most of them on, usually. If they are all on, expect the kitchen to be hot, over crowded, and extra ordinarily noisy. Im probably playing metal through Songza at that point and your going to have to say excuse me if you want my attention.

Hope that helps.
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I guess the better question is, 

Has anyone here left the corporate world, taken a 70% pay cut to land in a kitchen and is all the more happier for it?
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Real world advice, I would suggest starting with a stage or maybe a part time kitchen job that you can do around your current job. Remember you can always cook at home, and chances are when you cook at home you'll be cooking the food you want to cook. I personally roll home, have a spoonful of peanut butter for dinner and go to sleep. I have not had a valentines day with my girlfriend or a mothers day with my mom in the last 10 years. Cooking is not the glam life that some people make it out to be. Take some time and see if its for you before you decide on quitting your job. 
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You should get a weekend job in the best kitchen you can find washing dishes/prep or something to see if you still want to do it. 

Odds are you'll know pretty fast if you want to/can stick with it. 

Don't quit your job before experiencing things first hand. Just don't. You might find you are better off cooking as a hobby and hosting dinner parties on the weekend, etc. 

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