Challenging 'Culinary Experience' Classification

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    Hi - My name is Heather. Among other things, I am a wife, a mother of 2 young children and a 20-year full-time banker (in a training role at the moment.). That said, I have a culinary degree (from the 90's), a few years of restaurant kitchen exerience, many years of FOH restaurant experience and 20+ years of part-time catering experience (all aspects) along with many highly successful formal & informal dinner parties under my belt (for friends as well as strangers). Truly, food is one of my absolute favorite things in the universe!! I've grown to despise daily cooking for my family (picky kids & picky husband = frustrated cook), but I still yearn for the creative outlet cooking grants me.

    I'm contemplating a new venture, moonlighting as a dinner party private chef. I'm nervous because I understand the risks, but I've had some great experiences lately (I've auctioned off my services a few times for charity and have gotten rave reviews, while enjoying the experience immensely!). While I'll post about this for feedback another time, I wanted to just say hi. I'm excited to delver further into this site; learning from everyone else, getting new ideas and sharing experiences. I thought 'home chef' was my best option for experience /img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif
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    Aloha, welcome to Chef Talk Heather.

    Hmmm, ‘culinary experience’?  It sounds to me anyways, that you fall more into the ‘Former Chef’ description, but it’s really your call as to how you see yourself, right? 

    Me, I’m a Home Cook (no formal training) who found CT a little more than two years ago and has built up enough confidence in myself to take that big step into my own food biz.

    It also sounds to me like you are as interested in all things food as the rest of us, you’re in good company.  Have you gone to on Pinterest as well as Face Book yet?

    I enjoy whipping up dishes from my hometown in Hawaii, what types of cuisine are you drawn to?  Or are there foods that you haven’t tried yet that you’d like to?

    I look forward to seeing some photos of your hits as well as misses in the Galleries.  The Articles here at Chef Talk are inspiring; it’s not just the forums that are fascinating. 

    @Musickalgal  Please visit often and participate with the eclectic bunch of foodies, chefs, and everything Chef Talk.