Chaine de Rotissuers?

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Is anyone here a member of the Chaine de Rotissuers? I have worked on two seperate occassions in the presentation of meals for this society's meetings. I wondered how a person becomes a member. I have tried various searches through the yellow pages, various food organization directories etc., but have not been able to obtain much info.
Surely, there is a chapter here in NY, but how to get in touch with them?
From my experience, the membership is somewhat staid and stodgy. Are younger people encouraged to join or is it some kind of secret food and wine society?
I'd love to hear any of your thoughts or experiences, especially from those of you who live and work in Australia. Is there and active chapter there?
What do you think?
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Everyones take on the Chaine is different.
Personally, it is too expensive for me. I met a few "younger members" at a dinner I Cheffed for in Vermont. and met some of the heads of the Albany Chapter. I believe like 85% of the members are "foodies" not food profesionals but people who can afford to eat the best. the remaining menbers are chefs / executive chef / f and b directors.

To become a member can be hard because they only have room for so many people.

If you can afford it and like to hob-nob and network go for it!
If not start your own food club with close freinds and explore your local cuisines.
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