Cervo, Liguria ... Half way between Genoa and Nice ... & then, Piedmont

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    Continued ... Part 2 ... By: Margcata

    A breathtakingly beautiful place, nestled in between Genoa and Nice on the Italian Riviera is quite extraordinary. Ristorante San Giorgio in Cervo, boasts a Mediterranean seaview and to the north, rolling green hills that provide the sublime mushrooms and herbs. The local epicurean treasures are delightful. Shellfish and seafood is the venue´s strong suit.

    The baby octopus tossed with mussels and, lemon, olive oil and garlic is simply wonderful ... The porcini mushrooms, the scented crostini, the spiral shaped trofiette with pesto and the catch of the day freshly grilled pesce alla ligure where the fish is poached with pinenuts, olives and herbs is heaven scent too. 

    Somewhat to the north, near Asti in Piedmont is a totally different type of zone and venue. Da Beppe situated in the Locanda del Sant U´ ffizio, is a popular inspot situated close to both Milan and Turin.This is visiting wineries turf. Do book ahead for meals ... Two well recommended dishes here are: White truffles with gnocchetti and the black truffle souffle. This is truffle turf ... One shall find trufs in just about all concoctions during the autumn ...

    To be continued ... Please do tell us about your Italian epicurean adventures and venues that are not noted in my " travels " ...