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    Good day all

    I am brand new to this forum! hope to meet some great Chefs out there.../img/vbsmilies/smilies/peace.gif

    I immigrated to canada in 2009. So I finally decided to get my red seal last month (It seems employers are more keen to hire you if you have this. although I can't understand why this trumps my european qualifications and experience)

    I now want to persue my CCC certification through the Canadian Culinary Federation. Has anyone on here have any experience with the program? From the website, it doesn't seem to be all that hard but it does seem like it could be intimidating. There is one day of Classroom work and then two days of practical examinations. 

    If you have been through this, please share your experience, i would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks guys!
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    You should attend a meeting and ask. I believe they are held regularly. Looking at applying for national membership CCFCC and doing the same cert (in the distant future). I know there is a CCFCC event at DeLucas cooking school in Winnipeg Nov 3... It's a cheese themed event, but I'm certain you could grab ahold of someone and ask a few questions. I have never worked for anyone who completed that certification.

    There may even be meetings where you live, but from our conversation and the kind of population density where we live I'm thinking you're going to have to come into town or at least go to Brandon to find a meeting.

    Honestly I would have a hard time seeing the cert being any more difficult than the red seal practicum. I have only just recently begun researching the CCFCC but it seems pretty legitimate and alot of the local "heavy hitters" are involved in one way or another with the organization. Personally I think those certs are just fluff for resumes, which isn't necessarily bad, but I wonder how challenging they are. The guys that are heading the CCFCC are corporate chefs for companies like Tobasco, etc. Not to slag them off, but ... ... ... yeah. Would be interested to hear from you how it goes, how difficult it is, etc. :cool: Nice to see another flatlander on here.
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