celery recipes?

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I have a ton of celery and would like some ideas on making it as a dish in itself.  My husband isn't keen on stuff with bechamel and cream which are the first things that come to mind.  He usually likes stuff with garlic and bread crumbs and other savory tasty flavors. 

I never made it as a dish on its own, always as a flavoring. 

any help welcome
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I like to braise celery.

Separate the celery into sticks.  Lay in a single layer in a dish (I use a flat casserole dish I use to make a small lasagne) and add a small amount of either finely chopped leeks or a ,layer of shallots.  Dot with butter and add  chicken stock (not to fully cover the celery - just enough to moisten the celery).  Add lots of black pepper and dot with a little butter.  Put the lid on, or cover in foil and braise gently (takes about 30-40 mins in a medium oven.

Great served hot with a roast meat - or cold with something like ham off the bone!
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I love braised celery as well, usually I cook it in a lamb or pork avgolemono fricasee with braised celery and leeks and it's divine, but you could make it on its own I suppose.  Instead of the pork or lamb you could use a bit of proscuitto or pancetta as a flavoring.  How about this?

- render some pancetta in a pan and remove.

- add some leeks or shallots and soften along with some butter or olive oil and then add the celery.  Brown just slightly.

- Add some water or vegetable stock and braise slowly until tender.

To make the egg lemon sauce beat one egg and the juice of one lemon in a small bowl.  Temper the egg/lemon with some of the braising liquid slowly.  Pour the mixture back into the pan and season to taste.  Sprinkle with the crispy pancetta and serve.

It actually sounds pretty good, I may try it myself!
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I like making celery the feature flavor of pork/beef potstickers. Even better if you get the pencil thin chinese celery.
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I like to julienne celery very finely, toss with salt and apple cider vinegar & leave to stand for half an hour or so. I usually use this as the main accompaniment to veal, or even better, veal sweetbreads. So simple and such a nice combination.

Alternatively you could panko it, deep-fry it and make a dip involving cheese & garlic and use as a snack/appetiser. This would also make an interesting accompaniment to a meaty white fish or to squid.
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When I buy a whole celery, mostly I need one or two stalks. And yes ChefRoss, I take the threads off with a thin peeler.

The rest of the whole plant is chopped in small chunks, bagged and goes in the freezer. Whenever I need celery (soup, mussels, sofrito,....), I just get a handful and throw it in the preparation, frozen. They will be a little mushy but the taste is still there.

Sorry, no recipes of celery, a bit too strong a taste for me. Celeriac on the other hand...oh yes.
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Here's an idea... how about use them in some drinks such as a Caesar?  It's a drink consumed a lot here in Canada, and it's simple to make. You can also use celery to make celery salt for the drink's garnish, and for other recipes.

To make the celery salt, grab a few stocks (leaves and all) of celery and chop them very finely by hand, or blend them up in a food processor. Place them in the oven on low heat spread out over trays, and leave them over night or up to 24hrs. Take the dried out celery and put it in the food processor with some sea salt flakes and blend until your grains are of desired size.

Wet the the rim of your glass with a bit of water and dip it into some celery salt to garnish the rim. Add a shot (or two!) of vodka to your glass, and top with clamato juice. Add about 3-4 splashes of worcestershire sauce, 2 splashes of tobasco or hot sauce. Grind some fresh pepper on top if you wish. Then throw a stick of celery in the glass and serve. It's delicious!

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Make braised celery same way as you make braised Endive. Peel celery first and blanch in hot water then cut into medium strips not julianne . serve either around or under any roasted meat.

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