Cauliflower soup with Madras curry and chicken saté

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Easy to make, delicious and maybe a nice idea for an amuse-gueule too in a smaller portion?

The soup;

- chop and sweat in soup pot on low fire 2 onions in olive oil for 5 minutes. No coloration!

- cut a mediumsize cauliflower in chunks. I used the stem too, cut in small pieces. No need to make nice cuts, the soup will be mixed anyway. Add to onions.

- peel and cut 2 small potatoes in chunks. Add to pot.

- add 1 teaspoon of Madras curry powder and fold in. Let it cook for a while and keep stirring.

- add hot chickenstock until veggies are covered.

- add full fat milk; about 20% in volume of the chickenstock

- let simmer until veggies are very soft (30-45 minutes)

- add 1 small tbsp of tarragon leaves. I always keep a lot of fresh tarragon in my freezer, fabulous with chicken. Dried tarragon may not work that well.

- let cool for a while. Mix with a handmixer. Taste for s&p.

- push through a sieve to eleminate all tarragon rests. The herb can be very overpowering.

The chicken saté;

- cut a chickenbreast in long strips and "zigzag" on a satéstick

- season with Madras curry, pepper, and a bit of tarragon leaves. Pour some sunflower oil over them.

- cover with clingfilm and let marinate for at least an hour.

- salt and panfry



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Very nice.

I'd probably go with star anise  instead of the tarragon. I'm just one of those for whom tarragon is overpowering.
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You could indeed make a lot of variations, as long as the soup tastes of cauliflower. I was also thinking about fresh ginger when making this soup.

Tarragon, star anise and anise have a more or less "anisy" flavor. Mostly a love-or-hate reaction. It's a matter of how much to put in.

I also thought of toning down the curry to merely a "hint", leaving the tarragon out and serve with a panfried langoustine on a saté..

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