Cauliflower leek soup Disaster! (and Recipe.)

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by decrotie2004, Oct 13, 2014.

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    So I have made Cauliflower and leek soup many many times before. Following my own recipe or a variation of my recipe.

    1 head of Cauliflower ( large)

    3 Large leek

    3-4 cups low-sodium chicken stock/broth

    2-3 Cups water

    1/4 cup milk

    salt and pepper to taste

    Cut and clean the whites of the leeks, be sure to rinse each layer as sand and dirt frequently get caught inside leek, once clean chop the leek into small peices.

    De-stem and cut Cauliflower so it has large flat sides to it.

    Optional: Cut cauliflower and leek and place on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil and cook in the oven at 400 F for 10-20 minutes or until the flat sides of the cauliflower caramelize slightly.

    Bring the stock and water to a boil and add all the vegetables. Boil till vegetable are tender.

    with an emersion blender or standing blender blend entire mixture till smooth. add milk now and stir thoroughly.

    (optional:) run mixture through a coarse strainer to remove large chunks of unblended vegetable and leek fibers.

    season with salt and peppr to taste. (other seasonings may be added as well to suit personal taste.)

    return the blended soup to the heat and simmer for 5-10 minutes to blend flavors further.

    Serve hot.


    Here is the disaster: when I went to add pepper it just dumped out. I am talking fresh ground peppercorns, not supermarket garbage.

    I scooped up what I could but it was still WAY over peppered.

    I read online a little lemon juice and sugar may counteract the peppers overbearing spice and pungency.

    I then proceeded to add too much lemon juice. and I ended up with a barely edible "Lemon pepper Cauliflower leek soup."

    just thought i'd share...
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    I feel bad ,that no one has responded so far, to your Cauliflower plight . We've all been where you are right now. I would take a deep breath, and look out of the window. I would look and see that there were no  pedestrians with or with out poodles. And that my car was parked across the street. I'd cover one eye, with my left hand, assuming you are right-handed , and throw it out the window.Then Forget about it, the maintenance men, are not on strike. 

    Just start over, and enjoy the fruits of experience. Confucius say , "keep Pepper cap on tight before shaking".

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    Aww wow....that really sucks! I feel for you though cuz I have done it more than a couple of times....cursed

    My grandma told me to place a couple of potatoes in the soup (whole potatoes) and it will absorb the spicy/lemon/salt (whatever it is) worked so who can argue with the

    Hope you make it again because it sounds lovely!