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I'm doing a dinner at a winery for about 35 people. Actually it is my first one so I am pretty excited. Not sure if I will be asked to this again but I will enjoy this moment. The menu is all set. I am making a ribeye roast. I was thinking about 16-20 pounds. For cost savings, I was thinking of a boneless ribeye. Any tips for the roast? I have made it plenty of times but never at this size. What I have done in the best is start the roast at 500 to sear the outside and then turn the temp down to finish. Thank you in advance!
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It doesn't really matter what temp you cook the roast. It matters at what temp you take the roast out of the oven. The Cow has more to do with the quality of the meat then i do. I just season the outside and all is well. I have roasted off 1000's of pounds and have always had good results with roasting until 120 degrees internal temp. Two 12 lb roasts with a 20% loss 80% yield will give you 38 8oz servings. When I do these for catering I mark " with a knife" the amount of slices needed for the function. 
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