Catering for 500 without a sink

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I am catering a big wedding this weekend on an acreage that has cold culinary water but no sink.  I have always had a sink on site and hot running water for hand sanitation.  I'm planning on boiling water in a couple of thermos' to be able to sanitize hands.  Any tips on how to set up a sanitation station that will work?  

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what you're describing would be illegal in Québec.

You should obtain a certificate that certifies the water is potable (to protect yourself).

You can obtain hot water on demand with this do-dad that work with a propane tank:

It's cheap.... you should get several and install at least one cheap plastic utility sink with a bucket as drain reservoir.

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Here we're required to both potable cold water and hot.

We can rent these self contained portable sinks from the same rental company that rents tables, chairs, heaters, ETC.

 They come with their own potable water tanks.

Might want to check it out. 
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I do bbq events where we feed the public and water is definitely a challenge. Most of them just give you a hose for water. You need a 3 stage sink (big plastic tubs). Then follow the servsafe 3 sink setup.

Sink 1 - dish soap 110F minimum
Sink 2 - water for rinsing
Sink 3 - Sanitize. 171 to 180F water OR chemical. I use 1% bleach. That temperature range is impossible to maintain any amount of time outdoors, go with bleach or quat or whatever chemical sanitizer

Even for sink 1 you'll have to boil water periodically on a stove.

PS charge extra for this extra work! All I'm doing is cooking meat and putting it an aluminum container. With fancy plating, water will definitely be a problem.

I've cooked with teams that have an RV with their own hot water heater it is definitely easier.
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For hands only a bucket of cold water with some bleach. Or A few bottles of the jelled sterilizer. This is strictly for hands though nothing else
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Thats what any good chef would say also, but its another block in the wall against food born illness.
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Get a 5 gallon water cooler like you see on work sites. Fill with as hot of water as you can but NOT boiling(plastic is not designed for 200 degrees!) When I catered that was what I used. Could run it to the house on site or refill by hot water off a camp stove. Has a spout to fill a small plastic tub for hand washing.

And bring a box of gloves! I used gloves a lot, saved on needing to wash hands constantly when prepping 200 pounds of meat. I could prep everything, get it on the smoker then take my gloves off and wash my hands. Disposable cutting boards are your friend in a situation like that also. Rags in A Box are sold at hardware and automotive stores. Make good disposable cloths for dry your hands and for washing stuff. They are strong enough to be rinsed and reused when scrubbing stuff down.

disposable cutting boards

Rags in a Box
5 gallon water cooler to hold hot water

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Thank you!!   All helpful.  It is just for hand sanitation.  All the food will come already prepared and in roasters.  Thank you!
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The Sani-Sink is one of our more exclusive and versatile hand washing stations which can be used for a variety of applications. This portable hand washing station is fully self-contained and can provide users with both hot and cold drinkable Read More »

This is what I was referring to. Most all our rental companies have them. Has instant heated water.

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Thank you!  I didn't know something like that existed.  I've always had sinks with running hot and cold water at venues.  This is all new to me.  Thanks!

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