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Hi Everyone!  I have relocated and the catering business name I was using as a DBA is claimed in my new location.  I am in need of a new name.  My current name which I will need to change is Simply Divine Catering & More

I cater and also own a food truck which specializes in Gourmet Grilled Cheese.  I am located on Cape Cod.  I'd really like to go with something which I can use for both aspects of my business /and something relative to the Cape.

Any help is greatly appreciated, I've been wracking my brain and picking the brain of all my friends and family.
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Welcome to CT. 

I would keep it close to what you had and were used to. 

--Supremely Divine....

--Sensibly Divine....

--Super Divine....

--Stupendously Divine....

--Simple Yet Divine....

--Simple and Divine....

You get the idea.
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