Catering Business Wanting To Expand

Joined Mar 6, 2015
I currently own/operate a catering operation that has built a fairly significant client base but would like to expand. That being said I am looking for input from any current chef's that may be scanning the forum for info on what would entice you into joining a company like mine with growth potential? For instance would you like to be a salary based employee or a managing partner with percentage based pay? I know to answer this question honestly you would need to know particulars but what I am after is knowledge from experience if possible. Thanks!
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I would rather be salary based, but probably should also add that I was a chef/owner for a fair amount of years. If I hadn't been an owner already, my choice might be different. I have heard it said that all chefs want their own place one day and being a managing partner with a percentage based pay pretty much fits that bill.
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