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Discussion in 'Professional Catering' started by zephyrfairy, Mar 26, 2015.

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    Hello. I've been reading the posts about catering and I'm more confused than when I

    My husband and I are doing the catering work for our local Elks Lodge while their kitchen goes through remodeling for code updates. Our next job is for a larger group than we are used to. We usually just cook up a little something for lodge meetings and small get-togethers. And we have always asked for donations only, since we were always part of the meetings/get-togethers.

    The event is a Baptism celebration with 75 guests. The couple would like BBQ pulled pork, Mac and Cheese, Ceasar Salad and fruit and veggie trays.

    I have no idea how to charge for this. I read a few posts about per person servings/charging, etc., but I just don't know what to budget.

    Any and all advice would be great!!!
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    There are many ways you can go at this. it all depends on the size of the event, number of people and what you are cooking! We just catered an event at Gibson hall in London and next week we are at a small event down in bristol. for the larger venue in London you can show of flexibility and charge by the head rather than the plate, its much easier that way. but in fact any venue in london you could get away with that as London will be more moniefied. for our bristol event which is is a wedding, you have to show a bit of caution - the more unique the wedding or event always go for a flat rate on food provided and service. if you try and do it by the head it ends in a long conversation about how mant people were actually there etc. big pain the in the A55 tbh.
    good luck.
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    Well there are MANY great posts on catering pricing in these archives. :)

    You mentioned the lodge kitchen is being updated so you're "catering" in the meantime. Are you licensed caterers? 

    The moment you prepare food somewhere else and transport to the client you technically need to be health licensed. 

    Anyways, the first thing you need to do is figure out how much food you're going to need for 75 people and determine

    the cost of all the food. Then add in any other expenses, rentals, anything else you're providing, other overhead. 

    Then whatever labor you expect for each of you, then your business profit. Get that total price, divide by 75 for price per person.

    You can check that with the going rate to see if you're in the ballpark, but I'm gathering this isn't a competitive bid situation so

    that's up to you.