Cast iron pans

Joined Mar 31, 2013
I have recently started using cast iron. I have seasoned the pan as per instructions and used a few times. Just used it again and this was something I hadn't noticed in the past. I finished sautéing onions and peppers for a tex/mex dish. After finishing I wiped the pan down with an oiled paper towel for it to cool and put away. However, after wiping I notice the paperwork had black residue along with the oil. Is that normal? Still learning, thanks for your help!
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Keep on cooking with it . . . do not wash it with soap such as Dawn, or any "anti grease agent", or you be forever re-seasoning that thang. I wipe mine down and if I need to scrape I use coarse salt then rinse and give it a light wipe of a non organic oil - something that won't go rancid on you.
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