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What a coincidence... I just had cassava for dinner last night. Just boiled then sprinkled with a bit of Herbes de Provence. I know it may sound a bit odd, but cassava isn't that too different from a potato.

I make something fairly similar to both bammy bread and the cassava pone. My Filipino version of bammy bread has freshly grated coconut and the Filipino version of cassava pone is made with coconut milk, grated young coconut and is a sweet dessert. There was a Vietnamese version in a recent Saveur.

A childhood favourite of mine is caramelized cassava. I'd eat several pounds at a time if I was allowed to do so.


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It shows up as a yuca with one C here in the west. It's popular with various South American cuisines such as Salvadoran, Peruvian and so on.

My personal favorite is a sort of blanched then french fried version served with pork and curtido, a spicy slaw.

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