Carving ham off the bone

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When I carve ham off the bone when I get next to the bone there is so much waste because of grissel and tendons and tallow. What do you wo with that meat? It is tough to eat with so much tough tissue inter twined in it.
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After carving the best of the meat, I pressure cook the bone, and the meat just falls off and can easily be separated from the grissly parts. Then I chill the broth overnight and skim off the fat. Then I put the broth, bone and ham back into the pressure cooker and make soup. Sometimes peas soup, other times butter bean.
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Even if you don't have a pressure cooker, you can -- and SHOULD -- use the bone to make stock. If you cook it with water to cover, again, the bits of meat will come off and you can save them. (They'll be a little less flavorful for having been boiled, but you can use them with the stock you'll get, or to bump up the protein in other dishes.) Then you keep cooking the bone and gnarly bits to make a great stock to use for soups and other dishes.
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option 1) split pea soup-oh yeah!

option 2) this is what evey dog dreams of!


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Agree totally with the split pea and ham soup. Love the stuff, then a big splodge of sour cream on top.

Or add it to a chicken stock for a really nice flavour.

Give it to a your dog/neighbour's dog, even after making the soup/stock.
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If I've a ham bone it =stock which = minestrone first. I freeze some for a white sauce when leeks are in season. - Braised leeks with white sauce and plenty of mature cheddar on top under the broiler. YUM! Or celery and use stilton instead of cheddar.

When my husband's home, It's got to be lentil soup
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Get a bag of split peas and turn that knarly bone into some great soup. I do it every new years day. It is great use of the bone and nothing goes to waste. This is a chef site, im sure you know all this.
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I also simmer the bone in water to make stock. Then I make a vegetable soup with tomatoes, various veggies including cabbage and okra. To me, the tomatoes, cabbage, and okra is what makes the soup so delicious. And no, the okra is not slimy in the soup! In fact, I will be making soup this way for dinner tomorrow.
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