Career prospect for International Students from FCI

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    I am an International prospective student of FCI from Asia who is intending to pursue a career as a Pastry Chef. 

    Their Career Pastry Arts program seems to be intensive and efficient.

    One of the reason I would like to go all the way to New York and achieve this education is because I would like to get long term apprenticeship and possible full time job overseas in America or Europe for few years before I settled back in my hometown.

    Based on my research and observations, most of the successful chefs who graduated from the institute are Americans or people who already lived there.

    However, I have been looking for sometime, but there are no news anywhere about international students post graduation life at FCI, especially from Asia.

    I would like to kindly ask for opinion, inputs and advice from everyone. What are the opportunities like for international students ? Does anybody knows if any of them get a secure position in a great place after graduation ? What are the percentage of foreigners working in US culinary and pastry industry ?

    Thank you very much in advance and any comments or advice are going to be greatly appreciated.

    Have a wonderful day !
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    Line Cook
    There is a website of school where no trust, no quality, no knowledge: .

    In September 2011 I took a Short Course in Italian Cooking and Oenology in ICIF Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners.

    Before choosing these studies I contacted their office in order to be sure that I found exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to have not only cooking classes but also a gastronomical part and wine classes. I also told my situation - that I am an owner of the whole chain of restaurants and I want just to deepen my knowledge. I explained that I have big experience in restaurant business and I asked for confirmation that studies are strong and interesting enough. They confirmed me that this course is exactly what I was looking for. Problems started one week before the beginning of this course. School sent an apology e-mail informing that courses are postponed for one week because of delayed preparation of documentation for other foreign students. As I am a businessman I plan my time in advance - so I asked for compensation or discount - this was rejected.

              To secure myself I agreed to participate one week instead of three weeks and to pay 1000€ instead of 3000€. University has a rule that 30% should be paid in advance. But I paid the whole amount, i.e. 1000€ for one week.

              During the first day of studies only technical information was provided: what clothes you should wear and how you should behave (absolutely basic to everyone who participated in any type of restaurant business) and nothing similar to intensive short course. After second day, when they showed just a recipe and how to make a dish, I understood that this course in not for me. I informed the school that I was stopping my studies and, of course, they agreed. At the beginning they made an offer to come to any class of three weeks course to finish 7 days for which I paid money and I agreed. When I started to plan my time, after 4 days they changed their mind and stopped this possibility. Then I asked to refund part of the money, but they also rejected.

    So, I have to state that this university is a very low quality and you cannot trust in anything they say or do. This letter is to everyone who plans to study there. Just be sure that they can trick you in any situation. No trust, no quality, no knowledge!