career opportunities for under graduate budding chef

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Hi all, i am a budding chef pursuing a degree with Oberoi Group of Hotels and Resorts.
basically it is a program in which i am gaining 3 years of hands on experience in an operational kitchen of a five star hotel. i am currently in my final year and about to finish my degree .
by the end i can confidently say that i can handle shifts and the kitchen. i have also done night shift for 3 consecutive months.
i am looking for career opportunities after completing my degree and i have decided that i will make my career in Indian Cuisine.
i have a few things in my mind like, should i go abroad for a master's degree , should i go abroad looking or a job that boosts up my career or should i stay in India for a while and strengthen my basics .
what should be the most appropriate thing to do for a person like me whole already has 3 years of experience right after completing the degree.
Any kind of advice will be really helpful .
I request you to help me out as i am really anxious that i might take the wrong decision.
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The food is only 1/2 of it, you also really need to be sharp on is the business side of running a house... a lot of people follow up their cullinary arts degree with a degree in business, so they have a firm grasp on the "office" side of the house...

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