Career opportunities after my apprenticeship. (Working in the US)

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Hi there,

I've got some questions about my opportunities working as a chef in the US.

I've quit my study of law here in Germany four weeks ago (i didn't sucked at it but wasen't too good eighter), to fulfil my real dream and become a chef. Luckily i was able to snatch a apprentice place here in a 5 stars superior hotel resort, that hosts four restaurants, the flagship is a 3 Star Restaurant concidered to be Germany's best for almost 20 years.

So I'm sure they will teach me the right tools to become a good chef. But another reason i quit my studies for is that i want to be able to work outside of Germany. So i would like to know how good my chances are to work in the US. Is a german career training generally accepted? Becaue i have heard a lot about private culinary schools in the US, which doesn't exist in that form in Germany (besides that i couldn''t afford them). Is it true that someone can only get the permission to work in the US, if he can proof  there is nobody else to do the job? That could be quite a problem, since chefs are no rocket scientists :)

I know its far too soon to worry about such things, but it really is my long term purpose to collect some experience over there after my apprenticeship.




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No you don't need to prove that you are the only one to do the job cooking in the U.S. You just need to meet the chef and owner of the restaurant and show them your skills. It would also help to be open to there Ideas and styles of cooking.
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'll take your real on the job apprenticeship over school anyday. I just hope it touches on all cuisines besides only German..
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No, it includes the soutern german (Black Forest) cooking as well as the classic french cuisine. It is a special education model requiering the Abitur (equivalent to the A-Level) where i also need to pass sommelière and cigar courses etc. , learn two languages besides english (i've decided to do french and spanish), and get to know the financial aspects out of a manages perspective. When im done with my apprenticeship they guarantee me a free college place in business economy (BA).   Still got 6 days to go, i just cant wait to start. I hope that my enthusiasm wont be shattered by reality to soon :)
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