Career changing newbie: Personal Cook?

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Hi, I stumbled on this site browsing topics related to starting a business as a personal chef or cook. I live in Austin, Texas and have been here for most of my life. I recently got laid-off from my University job of three years and I am thinking of changing careers and becoming a personal chef/cook. The work itself (cooking for other people) and the process of running my own business really appeals to me and meets a lot of my own career needs and strengths. I am really perplexed though concerning the decision of whether or not I should get a culinary degree. The cost control, sanitation/ food safety, and nutrition stuff would be really helpful to me. So would the skills section and learning to make lots of food really quickly. I just don’t know if needing to know these things justifies the cost of a culinary degree. Any input would be greatly appreciated! I know I can get personal chef certificates, too, and I just don’t know which direction to head. I have always loved food, the first thing I remember my Dad teaching me was how to peel garlic with a chef’s knife, and I can really see myself developing menus with customer input and preparing meals for them; maybe even someday coordinating events/parties and catering them. Thanks for you ear and time and good to read all of your great discussions!
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Welcome to the Chef Talk Cafe, flyn_guy. You're lucky to have found us! There are plenty of people here with lots of knowledge about cooking, the business side of things, and personal cheffing. The Professional Forums have several places for you to ask your more technical questions, and our search function will enable you to look for earlier discussions on some of the exact topics you mentioned.

Please make yourself at home! We'll look forward to hearing from you.

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